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This is a view of one of Nerja's main streets (Almirante Ferrandiz) heading towards the town centre. As you may see, it's beaming with life.

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Nerja, as it's original arabic name "Narixa" says, it's an abundant flow, and most once the sun has already set and everybody is getting ready to enjoy Nerja's nightlife. It all starts after the now traditional (by both tourists and locals) spanish "siesta". People gets out to the streets, walk arround the town centre, and after several stops at numerous shops, finally somebody says .."fancy a pint?"

Throughout the entire town, you will find houndreds of restaurants, pubs, and terraces where you can just sitdown, relax, & have a laugh. Some terraces like the ones at the Balcon the Europa, behind the balcony on Calle del Carmen, Burriana, and Plaza Cavana, have a certain "plus" due to their location in squares & plazas which gives them the benefit of having street performers and musicians playing on-site.

Once you're ready to move onto the real nightlife bars and clubs there are several options where you can choose from: live music & flamenco shows, irish pubs, disco-clubs, late-night, etc..

  • El Molino (flamenco show)
  • Bar Okey (irish)
  • Cochrans (night terrace & music)
  • Pub Bogey (late night)
  • Vinoleto (wine & tapas bar)
  • H2O (lounge cafe/bar)
  • La Embajada (pub/tutti frutti sq.)
  • Esquina Paulina (easy, a must go)

Most of Nerja's nightlife is centred around Antonio Millon and Tutti Frutti square which is filled with pubs, disco's, clubs, & terraces, many with music and live entertainment that come to life around midnight and keep on going past 4 in the morning. Furthermore, we do realize that Nerja's nightlife is not just all about bars & pubs, beers, drinks and meeting people. This is precisely the reason why we love so much this place, becuse one can do almost everything you wish to do. All year round, there are many festivals on the area: music, classical dance, ballet, flamenco, theater, and even the fairground attractions which come twice a year.

Now that we are leaning more over the family or romantic side of Nerja, we may aswell remind you of the horse-run charriots that will give you a magnificent ride all over the place for as little as 20 or 30 euros an hour, or the mechanical attractions for kids (or for those of us who will not give up childhood) like the crazy car's or the carousels when the fair arrives to Nerja. And if what you are looking is not to spend much money, just walking about the city centre it's an experience on itself. Do not forget: if you're looking for accommodation in Nerja apartments or hotels just visit our Nerja Villas & Apartments & Hotels sections.

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